Whether or not Pandora is radio, since March, Nasdaq hasn't counted it as an Internet company

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Jun 17 2013 - 12:05pm

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Pandora, along with companies like Zillow, Brightcove, and Xoom have been added (or re-added) to the Nasdaq's Internet Index. Nasdaq announced on Friday the results of its "special evaluation" to be sure it was including securities that somehow didn't qualify as "Internet companies." In March Nasdaq evaluated the index and excluded the companies from it.

According to Nasdaq, "the Index is designed to track the performance of the largest and most liquid U.S.-listed companies engaged in internet-related businesses."

The idea that Pandora might not be an "Internet" company seems strange, especially in light of the fervent insistence of many in the broadcast industry that the webcaster "isn't radio." Adding to the irony, of course, is Pandora's recent purchase of a small-market broadcast radio station, with the intent of qualifying for the Radio Music Licensing Committee rates for licensing song compositions. See more in RAIN here.

There's more from Nasdaq itself here, and The Next Web here.


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It sounds unusual though,

It sounds unusual though, Nasdaq must have big reasons for not including Pandora in the list of what can be called as internet company. - Aldo Disorbo

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