Warner Music Group made $54 million from streaming services last quarter

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Aug 9 2012 - 1:20pm

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Internet radio and on-demand streaming services contributed about $54 million -- or 25% -- of Warner Music Group's recorded music division's digital revenue last quarter. That reportedly amounts to about 8% of Warner’s total revenue for that period, reports AllThingsDigital. (Note, this revenue does not include the licensing paid by cloud/locker services from Apple and Amazon.)

"What’s more encouraging for Warner — and presumably, the rest of the big labels — is that streaming revenue is growing quickly, but doesn’t seem to be cutting into traditional digital sales from outlets like iTunes," writes Peter Kafka. "Just as encouraging: Warner says that after you net out the effect of currency fluctuations, the increase in digital sales was bigger than the decrease in physical sales."

Dare we to even imagine that streaming services like Internet radio might have a promotional benefit to the copyright owners?

Read more in AllThingsDigital here.


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Really glad to hear that

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Warner Music Group made $54 million from streaming services last

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