Upgrade includes 20 new channels, pause/rewind capabilities

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Oct 17 2011 - 11:10am

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SiriusXM's new 2.0 radio, EdgeSiriusXM today officially announced their new 2.0 service. The upgrade includes 20 new channels -- 12 of which make up the new SiriusXM Latino section -- and pause/rewind capabilities.

There's no word in SiriusXM's announcement about the personalization features CEO Mel Karmazin teased nearly a year ago (RAIN coverage here). However, the company promises that "additional programming and expanded listener capabilities will be announced in coming months."

The new 2.0 services are available through SiriusXM's Internet radio apps and on the new SiriusXM Edge (pictured) -- a dockable $140 device with a color screen. Edge allows users to pause and rewind up to 30 minutes. Find it at Sirius XM's store here.

Note that this isn't the Lynx, the 2.0 SiriusXM radio "outed" by the FCC (more here). That device includes a touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity and looks significantly different (according to a picture leaked by Best Buy over the weekend, more here). Lynx also apparently runs on Android.

You can find SiriusXM's press release about 2.0 here and more details about the 20 new channels here.


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well, they could have put BBC

well, they could have put BBC Radio 1 back on the platform, but they didn't. Really offers nothing new on the English language front that isn't covered in the existing package. Sounds like the Emperor's New Clothing fable.

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