Update to ESPN Radio iPhone app brings healthy dose of new features, iPad-only version

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May 15 2012 - 12:20pm

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ESPN Radio iPhone appAs announced at RAIN Summit West 2012, ESPN Radio today updated its iOS mobile apps with new features, including the ability to rewind up to an hour of live programming on some ESPN stations.

The app also offers the ability to create custom sports radio stations, of a sort. Users can enter in up to 5 keywords (like "Chicago Cubs" or "Patrick Kane"), and the app will automatically offer up related shows, podcasts and other content.

Other updates include improved sound quality, faster connections and notifications about ESPN Radio programs. Users can also now cache stations for offline listening, as well as shows, podcasts and other on-demand content.

The update includes a new iPad-only version of the app. The new ESPN Radio app is free, but after 14 days listening to live streams and the custom "My Stations" feature costs $5 to use.

In our experience, it took quite a while to just sign up for an account on ESPN Radio -- a necessary step before getting to any content. After several errors and a reboot of our device, we finally were able to listen to some radio. From there things were smooth sailing. The app is jam-packed with content and various ways to quickly find audio that interests you, whether you're looking for local info or content about specific teams or players.

You can find the app from the iTunes Store here. All Things Digital has more coverage here.

ESPN Radio SVP/Production & Business Divisions Traug Keller revealed details of this app update at RAIN Summit West 2012 in April (RAIN coverage here).

ESPN says their Android mobile app will be updated in June and an app for Windows Phone will arrive in summer. The company also says their app has been downloaded 740,000 times since launching more than two years ago.


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The new updated version of the ESPN Radio iPhone app is rich with features and all android phone owners should envy iPhone customers as the app is exclusively for iOS devices. The features are quite impressive for all the sport addicts out there. private museum tours amsterdam

Update to ESPN Radio on Iphone

Really happy to know about this new update. Please confirm that Can we have this update on all Apple Phone Models?

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Help Needed

Is ESPN Radio mobile app available on iOS and android version.Anybody can tell ?

please reply

Is the New ESPN Radio mobile app available on latest iOS version.please reply


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ESPN Radio iPhone app

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What is even more terrible

What is even more terrible about this review and the app is ESPN calls it an all new app but it shows up as an upgrade in the app store.
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Doesn't even do what it says!

Honestly, I wasn't happy with the idea of paying an additional $5 for the upgrade. But you know what? It DEFINITELY isn't worth it considering the app doesn't even work! Many times my stations don't stream, instead giving me an error message stating my WiFI connection was bad on my iphone. Well it's not because it seems to work fine on my ipod! And what REALLY angers me is that the custom playlists suck! I'm trying to make a playlist of nothing but Los Angeles Kings audio and more than 50% of the time, the content I've heard on the radio has NOT been available to download! It doesn't even show up as results, nothing! I realize that not every little tidbit will be on there, but come one, I've listened to countless interviews where it was ALL about the Kings and virtually NONE of that audio is displayed under search results. PATHETIC!!!

Update to ESPN Radio iPhone app brings healthy dose of new

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Is there anything any of can do to get this changed. If i knew i was going to get my services cut off on Aug 1st i would NOT have upgraded the app just to pay 4.99 for something i already paid 2.99 for. EIther way i can live without this stupid app anyways most radio stations i listen to are offered as podcasts in itunes.

Terrible Review

If I could take away my one pageview i would. Kurt, I hope ESPN paid you a lot of money for your softball review. Hopefully this is something you do on the train ride to your shitty job, because a person who gave two sh*ts about the people who reads his reviews would focus more on the fact espn is screwing over than on the crappy re-tooling of its app. The new features do not come close to justifying the added cost. Just another way ESPN shows it does not care about its consumers.

Get some integrity, Kurt.

Micheal Shimdt is the writer

Micheal Shimdt is the writer of this article, sorry for my typo.

Mike, you should be fired.

1162 "one star" ratings for the new app

check out the app store to see how peeved people are. It was deceptive to call this a free upgrade and ask everyone to pay $5 after already paying $3.

Bad review

What is even more terrible about this review and the app is ESPN calls it an all new app but it shows up as an upgrade in the app store. That's dishonest. Plus who cares about making your own station based on a keyword.

Why would you not mention the

Why would you not mention the fact that you have to pay 5 more dollars even though you already paid for the app? Huge freaking oversight. If you want to blog, do it correctly. Pay attention to the consumet, not the corporation. Sheesh

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