Turntable.fm forgoes hope of statutory licensing, signs direct deals with major labels

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Mar 15 2012 - 11:40am

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Turntable.fmInnovative web music service Turntable.fm has reached licensing deals with the four major labels, "allowing it to leave the legal gray zone it had been operating in and expand into international markets," writes the New York Times. We reported in September that such licensing discsussions were underway (here).

"Basically this means we’re legitimate," said the company's chairman Seth Goldstein. Turntable.fm apparently had planned to operate under a DMCA license, like those used by non-interactive webcasters. However, these latest deals, directly with the copyright owners, are likely more similar to deals services like Spotify, Rdio, and MOG have entered.

Turntable.fm allows users to essentailly act like a radio DJ, playing hand-picked music to other users in real-time. It incorporates many social and game-like elements too (RAIN coverage here).

The New York Times has more coverage here.


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Does that mean that this

Does that mean that this application is not licensed? If this is the case, then they should license themselves. - Douglas Andrew

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