Triton chief at RAIN Summit West: Start registering your listeners

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Apr 23 2012 - 12:35pm

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RAIN Summit West 2012

Last week's RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas included a new feature: POVs. Short for "Point of View," these presentations feature industry thought-leaders offering their stance on a certain topic. This year's topic for discussion was "Redefining Radio."

The first POV was delivered by Triton Digital CEO and President Neal Schore. He argued that radio and webcasters should "stop debating" and instead start focusing on better monetizing audiences. "Our space is greatly undervalued compared to other media channels that don’t provide nearly our capabilities," said Schore. He pushed radio to accommodate listeners' wants and provide services wherever and whenever the audience wants. "If you won't, someone else will," he warned.

Schore also argued Internet radio services should start asking all users for registration information. Such registration could collect age, gender, location and other information, all of which would benefit advertisers and help make the service better for users as well.

"I couldn’t agree more," writes RAIN Summits president Jennifer Lane at Audio4Cast. Registration "enables [web radio services] to offer highly targeted ads and content that is more interesting to the listeners and more valuable to advertisers. It expands the time that listeners are willing to spend with a station, and it raises the likelihood that they’ll interact with an ad because that ad is specifically targeted." You can find Lane's coverage in Audio4Cast here.

Stay tuned for more coverage of RAIN Summit West, including videos of the panels and presentations!


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