From today's early edition: Europe's Net radio leaders gathering for Summit conference today in Berlin

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Oct 5 2012 - 11:35am

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Our first European Summit event is today in Berlin at 9am local time (hope you've had some coffee, that's 3am in New York!).

Later this afternoon is the keynote address from Jonathan Forster, who is General Manager Europe & VP Ad Sales for Spotify. Jonathan is responsible for the overall development of Spotify's European business and managing Spotify's workforce across the region.

In the first half of today's event, we'll hear from Prof. Klaus Goldhammer of Goldmedia Strategy Consulting, who will present the findings of his company's study on online radio listening in Germany, "Web Radio Monitor 2012." RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson will also make his "State of the Industry" presentation. Finally, we'll enjoy lunch, and later, the RAIN Reader Cocktail Party.

Please follow the event on Twitter using the hashtag #RAINSummit (and we invite you to follow our accounts, too: @RAINTwitter and @RAINSummits).

Finally, we'd like to introduce some more of the companies and speakers for today's event:

Xavier Filliol will moderate the "Personalized Radio" panel. Filliol is CEO/co-founder of AdsRadios in France, which focuses on all new areas related to the digitization of radio media: podcasting, live streaming, and on-demand. The panel, which addresses individualized listening options available on various streaming platforms, will include Filliol's countryman Jean-Marc Plueger of Yasound. Yasound "is a new service that lets you create your own radio station in just a few clicks and share it with your friends in real time," and Plueger is also CEO/co-founder.

Two gentlemen from the UK will speak on the "Personalized Radio" panel as well. First, Simon Moran,'s Managing Director. is, of course, the music recommendation service that using the "Audioscrobbler" system to build a profile of each user's tastes by recording details of the songs that play on Internet radio stations, the user's computer, or portable devices. Mixcloud, meanwhile "is joining the dots between radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes." It's "Cloudcasts" (audio shows stored in the "cloud") are available for on-demand streaming. Mixcloud co-founder Nikhil Shah will join the panel.

Another panel, "Agency Roundtable - Internet Radio Advertising," will discuss the benefits and challenges of streaming audio as an ad medium. To moderate, we're happy to welcome Audioemotion CEO Elisa Escobedo. Audioemotion Media is an ad network fully-specializing in online radio advertising. Joining Elisa is UK-based Jon Harris, who's Activation Director for Starcom MediaVest Group (the Digital and Media subsidiary of Publicis Groupe, the multinational advertising and public relations company).

Today's full agenda is on our RAIN Summit Europe page. Again, please follow us on Twitter at #RAINSummit. Danke viel!


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