Though rough around the edges, Deli Radio an excellent tool to discover new local music

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Sep 22 2011 - 12:00am

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Deli Radio is aDeli Radio's website and player new Internet radio service with an emphasis on local live music and indepedent artists. Founded by Wayne Skeen, also CEO of the California-based record label Ninth Street Opus, Deli Radio allows users to build instant radio-like playlists filled with music from independent artists playing a show near a specificed location.

Users can also listen to music from bands that call a certian location home, and can filter their station by proximity, date, venue, genre or a specific artist.

As SFWeekly points out (here), the site is rough around the edges. As it's up to artists to upload their own music, some selections are quite sparse (for example, trying to create a Chicago station turned up only one artist).

That said, the site is easy to use and it's a great tool to discover artists you've probably never heard of before. The emphasis on live music -- with prominent information about where the currently-playing artist is appearing next -- sets Deli Radio apart.

All in all, an interesting Internet radio site with potential. -- MS



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A good number of listeners

A good number of listeners are doing exactly this.

Progress at DeliRadio since this article

Hi Michael, thanks for posting about DeliRadio. Thought you might be interested in an update.

It's been a month, here's that Chicago radio station now:

From only one artist, to 13 artists, including Mickey Hart, The Parlotones, and Joe Bonamassa. 25 to 30 artists are joining DeliRadio daily, and that rate is rising fast.

DeliRadio now can make satisfying stations all over the USA, in London, even Germany. Hong Kong is coming up fast. West Java, Indonesia? 3 bands, and climbing.

Bands can now sell music (keeping 100% of the revenue). Sharing music by listeners (mobile to mobile) is right around the corner.

The idea that music radio was ever NOT locally focused will seem strange to our kids.

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