There may be two, competing "FNX-online" streams in Boston

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Jun 26 2012 - 12:10pm

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Yesterday we reported's announcement that it would launch an Internet radio stream for alternative rock fans when WFNX changes format next month (please see our coverage here). Now, Phoenix Media Group (which is selling the station to Clear Channel) CEO Stephen Mindich says he plans to do the same thing!

Inside Radio says Mindich announced his plan to launch an online alt-rock stream "just hours after the Boston Globe went public." Tom Taylor on Radio-Info reports Mindich "is surprised and not too pleased" about's announcement. According to Taylor, the sale of the station "leaves him with the intellectual property of the station he founded 29 years ago." Of course, as we reported yesterday, WFNX PD Paul Driscoll and several FNX on-air personalities (plus sales, operations and promotions vets from the station) will be part of's station.

From Inside Radio: "Mindich says the online station will not only retain the FNX branding but also the alt-rocker’s 'unique, independent spirit.' The station has begun promoting the webcast on-air."

Read more in Taylor on Radio-Info here; subscribe to Inside Radio here.


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