Tech columnist finds SiriusXM custom stream service great for the "set it and forget it" crowd

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Mar 27 2013 - 3:05pm

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Early last month PC Magazine took SiriusXM's custom online streaming service, MySXM, for a spin (in RAIN here). IT World's Peter Smith gave it a try this week.

MySXM lets the listener customize the streams of 40 of its music channels using sliders to adjust the "style," "popularity," and "era." Note that there's no air talent presence with the custom streams, just music.

Smith loved the idea of being able to remove the disco from his 70s stream ("Now when I tune into "70's on 7" I get Creedence Clearwater Revival and Rolling Stones instead of Donna Summer and The Village People"). However, he bristled at the cost. It's $15/month if you don't have the satellite service, about $3.50/month if you do (based on various subscription packages).

"If you're someone who has a bunch of playlists or you don't mind fiddling with other streaming services then you might not find much here to convince you to switch," he writes. "But if you just want to turn on some music in the morning and have quality tunes streamed to your desk all day long with no input, check out a 7 day trial."

Read more in IT World here.


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