TargetSpot adds services like Songza and Radionomy to audio ad network

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Feb 12 2013 - 12:15pm

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Online audio ad network TargetSpot has added six new partners to its network, including Songza and Radionomy.

Songza is a webcaster that offers mood- and activity-focused playlists. Radionomy is a free service that allows users to launch their own webcasts.

In addition to those two services, TargetSpot will deliver in-stream audio ads for just hear !t,, Soundtracker, and HulkShare. TargetSpot CEO Eyal Goldwerger said, "Our research shows that Internet radio users switch between streaming sites multiple times a day. Our highly diversified network lets advertisers reach their desired target audiences regardless of the service they listen to or the device they use."

With today's news, the TargetSpot ad network now includes more than 85 radio groups and pureplay online music providers.


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