Strata CEO says category change from 'radio' to 'audio' reflects audience, advertiser shifts

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May 22 2013 - 6:20pm

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"The past is about radio. The present and future are about audio."

That's not Pandora founder Tim Westergren saying that, or even RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson. That's John Shelton, president/CEO of Strata, the leading buying and selling platform for all types of media.

Shelton wrote an op-ed in MediaPost to explain his company's decision to transition to use of the term "'audio' to encompass all of the current audio platforms in use, including traditional radio, online streaming radio, and music streaming Web sites, such as Pandora and Spotify."

He cites his company's surveys that show "a consistent decrease over the past 18 quarters in ad buyers’ interest in radio advertising," while American's use of online radio and other digital platforms is growing rapidly.

"Some traditional stations are actually seeing growth again -- not due to traditional listening but Internet streaming," he wrote. "Advertisers should take note." Some apparently have, as he cites the RAB's 2012 digital revenues figure of $767 million, up 63% from 2009. Likewise, first-quarter ad buys on Pandora through Strata were up 35%.

Read Shelton's piece at MediaPost here.


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While listeners can tune in

While listeners can tune in to iHeartRadio broadcast streams without registering, registration is also free and not all accounts are actively used.

Audio Versus Radio

What a bunch of mental wheel-spinning. Does this guy think replacing the word "Radio"
with "Audio" meaningful?. So in his thinking all references to TV should be supplanted with the word "video"? Idiots like this are dangerous to the business. Like some drunken weekend-warrior sailor, Shelton is lost. If we let dolts like this dictate the conversation to both media buyer and consumers.

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