Spotify experiments with methods to deliver ad messages beyond audio spots

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Aug 22 2013 - 10:40am

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Music subscription service Spotify is reportedly offering advertisers the chance to beta test a new Facebook/Twitter-like "follow" feature, which would enable brands to push content like branded playlists to listeners, AdAge reports.

Earlier this year Spotify added a 'follow' feature for artists, labels, and users. For advertisers, the feature could be a way to reach Spotify customers who pay not to hear audio ads. One advertiser who's taken a stab at it is shampoo brand Herbal Essences, which has created a playlist of songs to sing in the shower.

"Spotify is also looking at how it can enhance ad targeting beyond age, gender and geo-location to potentially include interest-level information, giving advertisers the ability to reach people who listen to certain genres or even specific artists," reports AdAge.

Meanwhile, a global music licensing company called Music Dealers has partnered with Spotify and will present what they call "Sonic Identity Workshops" to advertisers. These are to educate marketers on how to incorporate music into a brand's identity.

"Each workshop, facilitated by a panel of industry names, promises to dissect and analyse the individual attributes that make up a brand's sound," according to a press release. "Customer filters and curated playlists will then be created that match the brand’s sonic identity." Read more in AdAge here and MusicWeek here.


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