Songza says it launched ad-free pay version in response to listeners' requests

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Jul 1 2013 - 1:40pm

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Songza, the pureplay webcaster that offers the listener curated music streams based on their moods and current activities, is launching a $0.99/week premium version of its service, "Club Songza."

The subscription version of Songza is ad-free and offers twice as many "song skips" as the free, ad-supported version. It's also available on the web and mobile devices alike.

Songza CEO and co-founder Elias Roman told TechCrunch the move was a response to listener demand.

The ad-supported option will remain for Songza's nearly five million monthly active users, the company reports. Songza is available in the U.S. and Canada only.

To compare with Songza (about $4.30/month), Pandora's ad-free/higher-quality audio Pandora One service is $3.99/month, but only $36 for the entire year (so, $3/month for those willing to commit). Pandora listeners who listen for free on mobile devices are given the option of paying $0.99 for usage above the 40-hour/month cap. Apple's forthcoming iTunes Radio will be ad-free for iTunes Match customers, who pay $24.99/year (slightly more than $2/month). Premium versions of on-demand services like Spotify and MOG begin at $4.99/month (but those don't include mobile apps).

According to Hypebot (here), last week Songza also partnered with the Home Shopping Network to provide background music for the site's msotly older female shoppers. The deal includes, with 12 million unique visitors monthly, Ballard Designs, Frontgate, and Garnet Hill.

Read more in TechCrunch here.


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