Songza gaining traction in Canada since August launch

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Oct 18 2012 - 9:00am

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Today Songza has announced that since its August launch in Canada (here), they've exceeded 900,000 iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad installs in Canada, accounting for the majority of the over 160,000,000 streams served so far to one million registered users there. And, according to company metrics, the average time per visit for Canadians is 3.66% longer than that of U.S. listeners.

Songza is the webcaster known for its "music concierge" interface that offers playlists based on the time of day and a listener's likely activities.

Songza reveals that when listeners browse by "Mood," "Mellow" is the top choice on both sides of the 49th Parallel. (Americans’ next most-popular mood category is "Happy," while Canadians’ is "Sexual.") The top "Activity" stations for both Americans and Canadians are Working- and studying-related; but the third most popular for Canadians is "Cardio Workouts" while it's "Partying" in the U.S.



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Songza is really good i love how easy it is to use. I want it to be added to my store so i can use it more with my other apps. I have to admit though i prefer using it with the ipod touch and kink and role playing along with the music

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Whoops. That was really cool. Hope I can use SongZa.

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Very nice movement from SongZa. Highly appreciate it.

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Songza reveals that when

Songza reveals that when listeners browse by "Mood," "Mellow" is the top choice on both sides jocuri cu spiderman


The popularity of touch devices are getting more and most of us choose touch devices like phone and tab. It is good to know the detail about the Songza and it is glad that it is getting popularity in Canada. Thank you.

Songza reveals that when

Songza reveals that when listeners browse by "Mood," "Mellow" is the top choice on both sides of the 49th Parallel. somanabolic muscle maximizer review

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