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Dec 11 2013 - 3:10pm

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Songza updated its iOS and Android apps today, adding Chromecast capability. Google Chromecast is a thumb-sized WiFi device that plugs into a digital television’s HDMI port. when activated, Chromecast streams content from partner providers, or from anything playing on Google’s chrome browser.

The little Chromecast device has made big noise as a cheap ($35) WiFi enabler for TV sets, competing directly with Roku and Apple TV.

Songza joins Pandora among Chromecast-enabled music services, as well as Netflix and Hulu among video sites. Distributing music service to the TV might not seem intuitive, but it covers situations in which a TV room does not have any other audio system in it.

Also in Songza’s press release is an announcement of new Christmas playlists -- 75 of them, from “Classic Christmas” to “Mad Men Christmas” (the latter for when drinking many glasses of eggnog, we presume).


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