Social Radio develops online "side channels" for South Bend rock station

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Apr 25 2013 - 11:35am

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Federated Media's WRBR/South Bend, IN ("103.9 The Bear") has launched a series of customizable online music streams powered by Social Radio, called "My Bear."

The service enables listeners to choose from seven different niches of rock music, and personalize their listening by skipping, banning, and voting on the songs they hear. Federated chief strategy officer James Derby told Inside Radio he thinks the "My Bear" service could potentially convert "P3 and P4 listeners" into "P1s" by way of more individually-tailored listening experiences.

Federated Media plans to add liners from the jocks as well as "interactive commercials" (the streams are just music and general sweepers now), according to the news source. The station says it will soon launch mobile apps and a social media presence. And should Federated deem the project a success, look for personalized versions of the company's other stations.

Social Radio powers the new Balut Radio, launched by TV5 New Media in the Philippines (RAIN coverage here).


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Federated Media plans to feature liners from the jocks further as interactive commercials the streams square measure simply music and general sweepers currently, in line with the news supply. The station says it'll before long launch mobile apps and a social media presence. and may united view the project successful, hunt for personalized versions of the company's different stations Online Employee Management system.

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