Slacker, iHeartRadio widen their "platform footprints"

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Dec 16 2011 - 12:05pm

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iHeartRadioYou can now listen to Clear Channel's iHeartRadio online radio on your Xbox 360 game console, and you'll soon have more options for listening to Slacker in your car.

Microsoft yesterday made iHeartRadio part of a second round of content sources to the recently-revamped Xbox Live user interface. You might remember the iHeart Music Festival was streamed on the Xbox Live platform. Xbox Live customers in the U.S. can now also access YouTube,, TMZ, and Verizon FiOS TV. Read more in Variety here.


Earlier this week, car audio manufacturer Harmon announced it had struck deals with five "premium" auto makers for its Aha Radio in-car app platform, teasing a big announcement which will come at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The "mystery" automakers will reportedly use Aha’s cloud-based platform to deliver Internet content to car dashboards beginning next year. Harmon says it expects its new auto maker partners to represent 22% of the new car market in 2012.

Currently, Aha's most-significant online radio partner is Slacker. Read more here.


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They need to widen their

They need to widen their platforms. If they make this, then all their effort will not go to waste. - Douglas Andrew

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