Roqbot uses customers' music, web radio tastes to crowdsource Gap store playlists

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Nov 21 2011 - 1:05pm

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Roqbot's iPhone appCrowdsourcing company Roqbot has partnered with The Gap to let customers program the music in the chain’s Chestnut St. store in San Francisco.

It works like this, writes Eliot Van Buskirk at "Every person who checks in using the Roqbot [iPhone or Android] app alters the music programming with their Facebook Likes and Profile listings, scrobbles, Pandora bookmarks, and/or the music on their smartphone."

Customers can also request music directly from an approved pool of music.

"For The Gap and other retailers apparently to come, customizing music based on customers’ taste is an easy way to keep shoppers happy, and possibly to make them shopping longer," writes Van Buskirk, who has more coverage here.


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