Robertson: iTunes Radio will demonstrate the benefits of Net radio at broadcasters' expense

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Jun 10 2013 - 12:15pm

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Michael Robertson suggests it isn't Pandora that'll feel the pressure from Apple's new service, but rather broadcast radio and higher-cost on-demand music services.

Robertson is the serial music tech entrepreneur behind, MP3Tunes, and He called Apple's new offering "a frontal attack on FM radio and will accelerate the deterioration in their business... FM cannot compete with the benefits of internet delivered music."

Apple's presence in the space, as many have suggested recently, should actually help the streaming radio industry by educating consumers on its inherent advantages, wider selection, personalization, and more. And that includes one area in which AM/FM has been king for a long time: in the car.

"A new feature in (Apple's) new iOS 7 which mirrors your iPhone display on a car's dashboard could have a bigger impact on driving net radio adoption... because it makes your smartphone a better car radio," Robertson wrote.

He also suggests Apple's visibility and offering of a free service will put price pressure on music subscription services that don't offer a free tier, like Rhapsody. "There's still value in those offerings," he says, "but those providers will have to work hard to keep delivering value."

Read Robertson's essay in Hypebot here.


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Why do people listen to Michael Robertson?

Stop listening to this no-talent-ass-clown. He's done nothing but tank a series of businesses. He's not successful. All of his past companies have failed. He just got lucky on back in the 90's. His whole gimmick is to hype up a crappy company and sell it before anyone realizes what they bought. Interview the CEO of Tune In radio, Slacker or some other successful Internet radio company. Stop giving Michael Robertson credit for anything.

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