Road likely soon ending for in-car radio as an appliance, not as a medium

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Apr 30 2013 - 11:50am

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"The in-dash car radio, with its dials and knobs, isn't signing off yet. But it's past its prime in the eyes of some automakers, and most aren't prepared to spend much time or money tinkering with it. Instead, they're focusing on the next generation of in-car entertainment, such as Web browsing and music streaming. Startup automaker Detroit Electric plans to be the first without a radio when it rolls out its first car in August — audio will be delivered via smartphone."

A pretty interesting take from one of the nation's carmakers' hometown papers, The Detroit News. The article's subhead reads: "AM-FM not dead yet but music streaming, Internet new priority."

We've covered the evolution of in-car audio from broadcasting to streaming a lot, both in this newsletter and at the RAIN Summit. You've certainly be reading it for years, and you've probably already experienced it. The ability of the drivers and passengers to access online-only audio content has long been heralded as perhaps the most important watershed for the emergence of Internet radio and its ability to compete with broadcasters. 

It needs to be stressed that no one here is saying radio as a medium -- or broadcasters or broadcast companies -- is on the way out. In fact, those professionals and operations will be more important than ever. The "radio" that will disappear from car dashboards is the AM/FM receiving appliance. Thilo Koslowski, a vice president at technology research firm Gartner Inc., told the paper soon it will simply make more sense to deliver content via Wi-Fi or data plans.

Read the article in today's The Detroit News (also the source of the image) here. (H/t to Tom Taylor Now)


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The majors are apparently

The majors are apparently betting on a streaming sales future.

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