Research firm listens in on social media to find genre and geography preferences among Net radio services

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Feb 15 2013 - 12:05pm

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Research firm Fizziology found that while Pandora dominates other music services on social media, iHeartRadio seems to especially appeal to Top 40 listeners.

Pandora users mentioned the service on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs over 1.9 million times over a three week period (1/7-1/31). To compare, webcasters like Songza and Clear Channel's iHeartRadio had fewer than 50-thousand mentions.

However, "users of iHeartRadio talked about Top 40 artists the most during the three-week period. 28% of all posts mentioning an artist referred to those with songs on the Top 40 chart," Fizziology's Patrick McMullen wrote. "It seems that Top 40 listeners are the type who like to set-it and forget-it when it comes to listening to music online."

In addition to Top 40, iHeartRadio users talked about hip hop and country music the most on social media. Pandora, with both a significantly large audience and a wide span of musical offerings, "could perhaps serve as a sample of the online music listening population as a whole," McMullen suggested. Pandora listeners most often mentioned hip hop/rap (31%), pop (24%), and R&B (17%) music on social media. Fizziology found Songza listeners mentioned more genres of music than any other service's listeners, "possibly due to the streaming algorithms based more on groove than genre." Songza users mentioned pop (28%), R&B (19%) and Top 40 artists (16%) the most, but also bluegrass (1%), blues (1%), jazz (1%) and world music (1%).

McMullen also recently penned a guest piece for Digital Media Wire, in which he revealed his company's findings on geographical preferences for various services. While Pandora and Spotify dominate in every region of the U.S., digging deeper reveals some interesting regionality. "Rdio is the least popular music service, but creative communities and the West coast specifically seem to have taken a liking to the service much more than the rest of the nation," McMullen found. "On the contrary, iHeartRadio is much more popular in the South than it is in creative communities or the West coast."

Read more from Fizziology here and in Digital Media Wire here.


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