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Dec 11 2013 - 3:10pm

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RAIN has moved!

CLICK HERE to enter the new site, RAIN News. (www.rainnews.com)

Did you expect to see Tuesday’s RAIN Newsletter in this space? No worries; we’ve got it for you. CLICK HERE FOR TUESDAY’S NEWSLETTER.

If you subscribe to the daily email, you will continue receiving it. (If you don’t subscribe, click the purple button to the right! Join thousands of influential readers who rely on RAIN’s news and analysis every day.)

So what’s going on, anyway? READ OUR PRESS RELEASE HERE.

The RAIN mission remains the same: to be the leading source of information about the future of radio and online audio. The new RAIN experience will be more dynamic, engaging, and conversational. We think you’ll love the new site.

Thank you for reading RAIN, and welcome to our new era.


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