Radio tech firms Radio Loyalty, OneDomain acquired in separate deals

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Sep 7 2012 - 1:05pm

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Radio Loyalty is the company that developed the platform for webcasters to award "loyalty points" (redeemable for merchandise) to listeners. They've just been acquired by Lux Digital Pictures, Inc., which operates a digital streaming and online marketing service network. According to a press release (here) announcing the acquisition, "In May 2012, RadioLoyalty's Internet radio advertising network was ranked #1 by comScore in the 'Entertainment-Radio' category, with a potential reach of 68.5 million unique visitors in the United States." Try the Radio Loyalty platform here and read more about the service in RAIN here.

Meanwhile, WideOrbit, which makes ad-management software for media companies has acquired OneDomain, a software firm the makes media planning, research, and business intelligence software for radio and TV stations and ad agencies. "OneDomain has installed more than 600 television and radio stations with MediaOffice, its core Advertising Sales and Proposal system," explains the press release (here).


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This is an exciting next step

This is an exciting next step in our ongoing effort to embrace and leverage digital media platforms.

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