Radio legend and digital pioneer Steve Dahl to keynote RAIN Summit Midwest at The Conclave

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Jul 3 2012 - 12:40pm

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Steve DahlThe upcoming Conclave Learning Conference will -- for the third consecutive year -- conclude with RAIN Summit Midwest. This year's conference will include a keynote presentation from radio legend Steve Dahl.

RAIN Summit Midwest will take place Friday, July 20, starting at 10am. It will feature several presentations and panels, including:

  • RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson's State of the Industry address.
  • "Many Platforms, Many Opportunities," a panel on the best multi-platform strategies. It will include Rick Greenhurt (iBiquity Digital Corporation), Steve Goldstein (Saga Communications), Samy Simpson (Eventr Real-Time Marketing & Advertising) and Mark Kassof (Mark Kassof & Company).
  • "How Stations Can Better Engage Listeners on Facebook," a presentation from knowDigital's Sam Milkman including insights into whether radio stations are truly engaging their audience on Facebook.
  • "'Pure Play' -- Radio's Most 'Direct' Competitors?" will examine the highly competitive, quickly-changing landscape of firms providing online listeners a similar experience to broadcast radio. It will include Mat Bates (Slacker).
  • "Using Social Media As a Show Prep Tool," a presentation on the best practices air talent can use on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other services to find content for their shows. Valerie Geller (Geller Media International) will present.
  • "Streaming Strategies for Radio," a panel on the pros and cons of attracting listeners and generating revenue for your station via streaming. It will feature Michael Dalfonzo (Abacast), Kevin Straley (TuneIn) and Tyler Brookfield (Liquid Compass).
  • "What to Expect from Digital Marketing," a presentation from Ed Schindler (dmr Interactive) about the best practices for executing marketing campaigns online.
  • And, as mentioned, a keynote presentation from legendary air talent Steve Dahl. Kurt Hanson will interview the self-employed podcaster on-stage about his efforts to move the "Steve Dahl Show" to the digital age.

RAIN Summit Midwest"RAIN Summits have become a fixture at Learning Conferences," said Conclave Executive Director Tom Kay. "While everything we present during the Learning Conference carries a 'can’t miss' connation, Kurt Hanson’s annual trip to tomorrow is all that, and more!"

The 37th Conclave Learning Conference takes place Wednesday, July 18 through Friday, July 20, at the Doubletree Park Place Hotel Minneapolis, MN. Featured speakers include Governor Mike Huckabee on Thursday morning at 9AM and RAB President Erica Farber on Friday morning at 9AM.

You can find out more about the Conclave Learning Conference and register to attend at

We hope to see you there!


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