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Jul 29 2011 - 1:00pm

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The main section of an article in the UK’s Marketing Week concludes with a quote from Barry O’Donovan, marketing director of Random House’s children’s section. He describes his enthusiasm for online radio: “It’s engaging and joined up. Content gives prolonged brand exposure and has delivered really strong engagement. I’m convinced that online radio will be something we will use more in future.”


The article, “Taking brands beyond the sound barrier,” begins slowly with a few figures on listeners’ uptake of online radio (old news to RAIN’s savvy readers!). A few paragraphs in, however, we begin to hear from brand managers, agency and sales directors, and other marketing execs. And all expound on the unique capabilities of Internet-delivered radio to target, engage, and deliver consumers. O’Donovan’s company, Random House, advertises on Funkids, an online and digital station for the under-10 audience.

Commercial director for Clipper Tea, Gill Hesketh, explains Clipper’s use of Spotify, “We liked the immediacy of it. It’s a brilliant piece of interruptive advertising — listen to the ad, click on the banner, see our pop-up microsite, be sent free tea. It has everything we need.” Spotify UK sales director Adam Williams adds, “In essence, advertising on Spotify supplies a seamless link from a consumer’s own music where there is deep engagement with high emotional resonance, to an advertiser’s site.” Brands can even use the Spotify content and feature user-generated playlists in campaigns, he says, without the consumer leaving their web page or Facebook page. “Because people like to share music so much, creating a music-driven campaign on a social network where sharing is natural behaviour has the most impact for the brand.”

Pandora and Toyota are also banking on the emotive power of music to add a new dimension to marketing. Pandora has created the “Legends and Icons” genre stations, each attached to a different Toyota vehicle, using “the emotions people associate with the music to link with the brand, aiming to create a deeper connection with the consumer.” (See RAIN coverage here)

You’ll want to read the full article for more anecdotes, like how Research In Motion integrates its marketing for Blackberry devices with Bauer Media’s Kiss brand. Or how the fact that listeners can immediately respond to call-to-action messages allows advertisers like British Gas can spread their message throughout the day, and not just in crowded drive-time dayparts. How geo-targeting allows the tourism body of Australia’s Northern Territory to speak to potential visitors from England. And (our favorite), how niche-genre online radio allows marketers at SheWee (go ahead, click it) to focus on that market segment they feel is most important and most likely to respond to their messaging (apparently, female heavy metal fans).

Read this entire article, “Taking brands beyond the sound barrier,” here.



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