QUICK HITS: Royalty bill; listening while flying; Audio Industry Summit

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Sep 30 2013 - 12:10pm

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Free Market Royalty Act: As promised (or threatened, depending on one’s perspective), on Monday morning Rep. Mel Watt introduced a bill that would have broadcast radio pay artist royalties, evening the playing field (again, depending on vantage) for Internet radio services. No doubt a developing story with reactions and commentary to come. (See Inside Radio note here.)

FAA prepares new gadget recommendations: Before long you’ll be able to listen to downloaded Rhapsody/Spotify/Rdio (to name a few) playlists while ascending to, and descending from, 10,000 feet. That annoying and arguably nonsensical devices-off period will be discontinued if the FAA, as reported, recommends that airlines eliminate it. Flying rules are determined by each airline, but are strongly influenced by FAA recommendations. Airplane Mode will still be required of devices during airplane use -- and the enforcement problem is not solved in the slightest. (See Digital Trends here.)

The Audio Industry Summit: This gathering is held in conjunction with Advertising Week in New York. Radio Ink covers highlights of last week’s sessions, which included discussions of the Arbitron/Nielsen merger, streaming radio, social media, and the future of radio. (See Radio Ink here.)


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