Pureplay of the Day: SpacesFM

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Oct 30 2013 - 12:10pm

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If you need some space wedged into the middle of your week, SpacesFM (www.spacesfm.com) provides sonic vistas. Defined as “Redefining Classical radio,” the stream is more about electronica than formal classical music. That said, we have heard a couple of orchestral works today, and the station clearly loves acoustic piano.

The default Play button sounds good to us today. Supplementing the live stream are several on-demand curations, including Cinematic Pianos, a couple of indie label features, an artist stream (Sophie Kazandjian), and many others.

We don’t think of SpacesFM as a musically challenging station, but it’s not straight chillstep comfort, either. The mix is distinctive and intriguing.

A pop-out web player makes the stream easy to control while multitasking.


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