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Oct 4 2012 - 3:20pm

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Well, the 2012 version of a postcard is a smartphone-snapped photo, right?

Our RAIN Summit Europe event begins tomorrow morning at 9am (and that's pretty early-morning for those in the U.S., as they're seven hours ahead of us here in Chicago), but we already have some photographic evidence that the RAIN delegation has arrived!

Below is a shot from yesterday evening's pre-Summit Oktoberfest outing, with (L-R) Triton Digital's Eric Whitlock and Daniel Karlsson; Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer's David Oxenford; RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson, and Triton Digital's Patrick Reynolds. Below that is a sneak-peek at the room in the nHow Berlin where the Summit will take place.

Watch for more coverage (and photos) from RAIN Summit Europe soon!


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