Podcasting enjoys resurgence as Apple reports 1 billion iTunes subscriptions

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Aug 20 2013 - 2:15pm

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The power of podcasting is that it's "so personal," and "very intimate," celebrity podcasters agree. USA Today columnist Jefferson Graham spoke with several for his article (and podcast!) on the resurgence of the medium.

There are now over 1 billion subscriptions for podcasts via the Apple iTunes app, "which is a major milestone for a category that had been considered an also-ran," Graham wrote. YouTube star Shane Dawson has just launched a podcast to complement his video channel. Actor Alec Baldwin, Extra's Maria Menounos, and comedians Joan Rivers, Jeff Garlin, and Tom Green are some of the other major names that have begun offering on-demand audio content online.

Radio broadcasters are noticing too. Clear Channel's president of digital Brian Lakamp says though podcasting is still a "small portion of overall listening... we need to invest in it. We need to be wherever consumers are." Last month Lakamp's company announced an agreement with Spreaker to enable listeners to record and upload their own podcasts to the iHeartRadio app (see RAIN coverage here).

Read more in USA Today here.


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