Playlist says labels forced its move to online radio service

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Jul 11 2013 - 8:05pm

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On-demand streaming music service Playlist has switched to an online radio service model -- forced to do so by "the record labels," the company told listeners. formerly allowed users to create and share streaming playlists simply by typing in song titles or artists. But as of the first of the month, that service is no longer available.

An e-mail to registered Playlist users read, "Sadly on July 1, 2013, the record labels required us to shut down the original Playlist service. We're so sorry; it was our life for over 6 years. We made sure to keep your playlist data safe and hope you'll try our new, approved smart radio service... We are forced to play by internet radio rules but kept your playlists as true as possible."

The new interface resembles the simple Pandora-style search box, in which listeners type a song title, artist, or album and the service generates a dynamic (though not on-demand) station. Once the station begins, there are options for genre-based stations (see image).

Hypebot reports, "By 2008, users had grown to 20 million. But the labels and RIAA objected to pulling content from other online sources, and in 2008 MySpace and Facebook disabled all ProjectPlaylist widgets. Deals in 2009-2010 with the labels, and shift to's slightly more restricted format, gave the company a second chance. But by then, traffic was falling and a messy bankruptcy followed."

Read more in Hypebot here.


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