Pandora streams more than 1 billion hours in March, reaches 51 million active listeners

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Apr 6 2012 - 1:05pm

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PandoraPandora says it streamed more than one billion listener hours in March 2012. That's according to the company's newly-released audience metrics for the month.

In early March, Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy announced the company would release "key audience metrics" each month, starting with data from February (RAIN coverage here).

Pandora's more than one billion listener hours in March is up 88% from the same period last year. Additionally, Pandora says its share of total U.S. radio listener was 5.79% in March, up from 5.74% in February. The webcaster's active listener count reached 51 million, up 59% from 32 million in March 2011.

Find Pandora's press release here

Pandora also recently announced that it's confirmed more than 400 local advertising campaigns to run this year so far. The company says this demonstrates "increased sales momentum in the top local radio markets." You can find Pandora's press release here.

Pandora SVP of Advertising Sales Steven Kritzman and VP of Audio Sales Doug Sterne will be panelists at the upcoming RAIN Summit West 2012. If you want to hear more about Pandora's advertising plans, we encourage you to attend! Find out more here.


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