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Sep 21 2011 - 11:00am

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Pandora today launchedPandora's new HTML5-powered website its new redesigned website to all users while removing its 40-hour per month listening cap.

The new site is faster (thanks to swapping out Adobe's Flash technology for HTML5), includes a strong focus on social media and better organizes the service's features. It rolled out to Pandora One premium subscribers in July. Pandora CTO Tom Conrad says the company has been working on the redesign for "more than a year."

You can read more about Pandora's new website in our review here and our original coverage here.

Conrad also announced today that Pandora has removed its 40-hour listening cap for free users. You can find his blog post here.

For more analysis, check out Elliot Van Buskirk's article in (here) in which he ponders how the new Pandora will work with Facebook's coming music announcement.


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Pandora Moving to HTML5

One of the major benefits that Pandora will gain is it now is available on Apple devices, which do not use Adobe Flash. Look for a substantial listener increase to Pandora in Triton's "October Webcast Metrics" report.

Ken Dardis
Audio Graphics, Inc.

re: Pandora Moving to HTML5

Wouldn't anyone with a Flash-less Apple device just use Pandora's incredibly popular iOS app?

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