Pandora cap on free mobile usage drives it to top of App Store revenue list

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May 30 2013 - 12:45pm

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Following its 40-hour/month cap on ad-supported mobile listening, Pandora has become the top-grossing "non-game" app publisher in Apple's App Store, according to app tracking firm App Annie.

"Pandora’s (app) revenue has been climbing steadily since it implemented fees for users who want to listen beyond forty hours a month on their mobile devices," reads the App Annie blog here. "It has now become the new top-grossing publisher based on revenue excluding games in the iOS App Store as of April. Its accomplishment is even more impressive given that it was based on just a single app."

Following the cap on free mobile listening (which came in February), Pandora added more than 700-thousand new subscribers to its ad-free Pandora One service in its first quarter (which ended April 30), up 114% to more than two-and-a-half million (and more net new subscribers in the quarter than in all of fiscal 2013, which means Pandora has the largest U.S. streaming subscription audience of any music service). Read more in RAIN here.


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