NYT: Webcasters helping fuel "revival of a relationship between tennis and radio"

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Aug 27 2012 - 1:10pm

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TennisRadio coverage of tennis matches -- that experience of "listening to the sound of balls being struck, spectators applauding, and an announcer’s description" -- flourished in the 1930s, writes the New York Times. But it "was nearly a lost experience before the advent of the Internet."

Now though, "a growing number of radio-style webcasts have begun appearing around the four major international championships, the Australian, French and United States Opens and Wimbledon."

That includes RadioTennis.com's Ken Thomas, who streams play-by-play coverage of tennis matches to perhaps more than 1,500 listeners online.

"I try to paint a visual picture of the match and its surroundings for the listener," Thomas told the NYT. "I want the listener to feel as if they’re sitting next to me having a beer and sharing a good time."

You can read the New York Times' profile of Thomas and the "revival of a relationship between tennis and radio" right here.


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