Nielsen buying Arbitron, also creating Twitter TV rating. Taylor asks, "How about for radio?"

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Dec 18 2012 - 1:30pm

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Nielsen and Twitter have forged a deal to create the "Nielsen Twitter TV ratings" to measure the total audience for social TV activity on the social media platform. Couple that with today's news that Nielsen is buying radio ratings leader Arbitron, and smart folks like Tom Taylor begin to ask, "Can radio be far behind?"

There's no real indication of such a development yet, but it's not hard to imageine that "a new radio morning show could be 'trending,' one of these days," suggests Taylor. Read more from him today here.

Read about Twitter TV ratings at LostRemote here and GigaOm here.


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Maybe it would really happen

Maybe it would really happen soon. Because in me, I believed that a radio can have more than followers than television. - Larry Starr Sarasota

A morning radio show trending

A morning radio show trending on Twitter? Ha!

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