New enhanced audio for "Hangout On Air" could make Google+ a great tool for radio

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Aug 14 2012 - 2:15pm

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If you're lucky enough to get musical artists to visit your studio, this looks like a really cool (and now improved!) way to give your fans a "window in" to what's happening.

Google made its Google+ "Hangouts On Air" available to all Google+ users recently, which allows anyone to host a "Hangout" and stream audio and video on both Google+ and YouTube. Apparently, musical artists are already using it to webcast performances as live "virtual concerts."

One shortcoming when it came to musical performances had been the low sound quality, but now Google has announced audio enhancements it calls "studio mode." The Verge reports "Google automatically optimizes your audio output for music rather than conversation, and the results are quite impressive... Instruments are much clearer, the mix is better balanced, and there are less audio artifacts in sounds like cymbals — it's just a much higher quality presentation."

Seems like a pretty cool way to add (and archive) great station content on your site!

Read more from The Verge (including a "before" & "after" video to show the effect of "studio mode") here.


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