New function allows listeners to share audio snippets from talk radio

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Feb 18 2013 - 12:10pm

From Issue: is the online radio service that allows users to record streamed audio content to listen to later (like a DVR, but with audio, thus the service's name). DAR creater Michael Robertson has now introduced a "sharing" function he says caters to the Internet's "short McNugget-size" media appetite.

While listening, users can click a Share button to select a short segment to to upload to YouTube, along with a short description, and then share the link to the snippet on social media.

"Rarely does one see links to interesting radio bits on Facebook or Twitter," Robertson wrote in his blog, introducing what he's calling "Project Friendship" (yep, as in "My Little Pony"). "For the first time it's as easy to share a radio clip as it is a web page, picture or video clip."

Try the new "Share" feature at


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The first of those,

The first of those, "Identifying Online Audio's Sales Proposition," will focus on sales for ad-supported music streaming services.

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We're looking forward to

We're looking forward to learning whether this decision has any impact on Internet radio.

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