New CBC Music includes 40 web-only radio streams

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Feb 15 2012 - 12:10pm

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CBC MusicCBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Monday launched an online music service featuring 40 Internet radio stations.

CBC Music -- a free service that appears to be open to all listeners, not just Canadian users -- also offers selections of on-demand music and content from CBC personalities. It's reportedly made possible through an "umbrella" deal with 1,000 music labels.

The service also includes streams of Radio 2 stations and Radio 3.

CBC reports that 25% of Canadians listen to web radio. Jeff Vidler, SVP of Vision Critical Communications, says web radio is "underdeveloped in Canada, relative to other territories. If you look at the U.S. or Britain, it's much higher in terms of use of internet radio services or online music-streaming services."

That's in part due to the absence of major players like Pandora, due to Canada's "tricky rights negotiations." Writes the CBC: "that reticence has now opened the way for Canadian-born initiatives."

CBC's launch comes soon after private radio network Astral launched an on-demand music service (RAIN coverage here and here).

CBC has more coverage here and you can find CBC Music's site here.


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Congrats, CBC, on launching your new service. However, your friends at the Maison du Radio-Canada beat you to the punch by sevdral months with their service, which feaures 60 channels of music, while you've only got 40. SRC wins.

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