Net radio's reach and TSL surging, 2013 Infinite Dial study shows

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Apr 3 2013 - 12:50pm

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New data shows that weekly Internet radio listeners now average nearly 12 hours of listening a week. That's almost two additional hours more than the under 10 hours a week figure from last year.

Arbitron and Edison Research yesterday presented the findings of the 2013 edition of their long-running joint research on radio listeners' adoption of new technology.

"The Infinite Dial 2013: Navigating Digital Platforms" reveals Internet radio reaches 45% of Americans (12 and older), about 120 million people, each month (up from 39% last year). About a third (roughly 86 million) listen to online radio weekly.

[Note that "online listening" here refers both to broadcasters' online simulcasts of their on-air content as well as "Internet-only" streams.]

For those who listen to the radio at work, one-third use the computer or a mobile device to tune in.

Leading webcaster Pandora continues to rule the roost in online radio listening, but Clear Channel's iHeartRadio competitor service has made inroads too. Arbitron and Edison say the percentage of Americans who've listened to Pandora in the past month grew from 22% last year to 27% this year. One in five (20%) have listened in the past week.

Another interesting note on Pandora from the study: Nearly half of smartphone owners have at least downloaded the Pandora app. While that number is just 15% for iHeartRadio, 45% of 12+ Americans are aware of the service. That still trails Pandora's 69% awareness level, but significantly leads the 22% of Americans who've heard of Spotify.

Edison Research co-founder and president Larry Rosin and Arbitron SVP/Marketing Bill Rose will walk us through all the findings of "The Infinite Dial 2013: Navigating Digital Platforms" at RAIN Summit West this Sunday in Las Vegas. Rosin will also moderate our "Accelerating Your Audience Growth" panel (which we announced here), to investigate ways to increase listening for your webcast.

Also presenting new research at RAIN Summit West is NPD SVP/Industry Analysis Russ Crupnick, whose company has released results from its Q4 2012 Music Acquisition Monitor study.

Download "The Infinite Dial" summary and presentation from Arbitron here or Edison Research here.


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The conference included

The conference included presentations from Williams and Radio Ink publisher Eric Rhoads, Pandora.

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