NAB task force to prepare for new streaming music royalty negotiations

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May 1 2013 - 12:50pm

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The National Association of Broadcasters has reportedly formed a dedicated task force in anticipation of upcoming negotiations on streaming music royalties.

The NAB reached a streaming royalty deal with SoundExchange (the music industry body that adminsters royalties for the online use of copyright recordings) in February of 2009 (ending in 2015), the top-level terms of which are here under "COMMERCIAL BROADCASTERS".

Inside Radio reports Beasley Broadcast Group CFO Caroline Beasley will head the task force. As chair of the NAB Radio Board, Beasley "was actively involved in 2010's performance royalty negotiations," Inside Radio wrote.

Her company is one of the ownership groups which, like Clear Channel and Entercom, have entered into royalty deals outside of the NAB/SoundExchange deal, with some smaller labels. Though the terms of the deals are never made public, it's commonly understood that in exchange for significant royalty discounts on the music they stream, radio groups pay a small royalty on the broadcast use of the labels' recordings (which the radio groups characterize as an "advertising revenue share").

Part of the NAB's deal with SoundExchange, by the way, waives limits on music use imposed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, known as the “sound performance complement,” which presumably makes online channels like iHeartRadio's two-artist "Beatles & Stones" stream (see our coverage here) legit.


This is very good move by the

This is very good move by the National Association of Broadcasters to form a task force to solve the issue occur in royalty negotiations deal with Sound Exchange. I have read it through best essay editing service news. By this task force we can see good results where both NAB and sound exchange in their royalty issues and ultimately viewers will get benefit to hear songs of sound exchange.

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ESPN Digital Audio senior

ESPN Digital Audio senior manager Blair Cullen told Adweek.

It might benefit all parties

It might benefit all parties involved if airplay for music from developing acts could be geo-targeted to the regions in which those acts are operating.

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