MusicRadiator: A "lean-back" web app by The Echo Nest offers hundreds of genre streams

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Aug 14 2013 - 1:20pm

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MusicRadiator is pretty cool "music discovery" web app engineers from The Echo Nest put together, that streams music from various artists by genre (In other words, it's what the vast majority of consumers and less-uptight professionals would term "radio." I know!).

All a listener need do is choose from the bewilderingly vast array of genres (really, it might be awhile before we get to "mandopop," "trapstep," and "Albanian pop") and listen. Actually, one needn't even do that: the channel "The EchoNest Discovery," a multi-genre stream of "brand-shiny-new songs that you're hearing before pretty much anybody else" launches as soon as the app loads.

It's built on Rdio's music library (Rdio is a client of The Echo Nest), so only Rdio customers hear full songs (otherwise, it's 30-second snippets). Listeners can skip forwards and backwards, and rate songs ("thumbs down" and it won't be played for you again, "thumbs up" and the song is added to your Rdio collection).

Check out MusicRadiator here. covers the app here.


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