Music streaming/social network service iLike shuts down

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Feb 8 2012 - 11:05am

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Like Imeem, Napster, and Lala before it, streaming music service iLike has now been shut down after years of slow decline following its acquisition by a larger company.

As one of the pioneering music streaming/social networking services, iLike attracted 55 million registered users and was one of the first music apps on Facebook, before Myspace bought it in 2009.

"Turns out, serving up free, ad-supported music is really, really hard," writes Janko Roettgers in GigaOm. He reminds the reader that Imeem offered a very similar service and was also absorbed and eventually shuttered by Myspace. Likewise, Rhapsody eventually shut down Napster after acquiring it, as did Apple with Lala.

Read Roettgers in GigaOm here.



I am a regular user of this service as it helps me to hear amazing music’s throughout the journey. I think once you start using it then you will addict to this. Thank you so much for sharing the details here. tour amsterdam

iLike is one of the best

iLike is one of the best music streaming social network service and I am so surprised to hear about its shut down news. I would like to know more details regarding the reason behind its shutdown issue. Hope that you have updated the details


I got very excited to know about this music streaming. I think all those who like music will really enjoy it. Could you please upload an audio of it? I am eagerly waiting for your updated post to get it. google chrome keeps freezing

Social networking service is

Social networking service is common nowadays and most of the people choose this option so that it reaches the people easily. People spend most of their time on social media. Social media publishes many common details and other news regarding various categories. internet providers

iLike was one of the popular

iLike was one of the popular online services that allowed users to download and share music on social media platforms. Most people used this app for online music streaming and I remember how popular it was. to be updated with the latest music requirements caused the shut down of such apps.

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This is really sad. I have

This is really sad. I have subscribed on this for so long. I hope they will come up a good one as well like this. - Matt Schilit

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