Most b'dcastrs slip in Nov. Webcast Metrics, non-comms up, and a new pureplay hits Top 20

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Jan 3 2013 - 11:55am

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In October, it was broadcasters who saw their streamimg audience grow while most pureplay webcasters were flat. In the November 2012 Triton Digital Webcast Metrics Internet radio ratings released yesterday, most commercial broadcasters saw online listening slip, while pureplays showed a hint of growth. You can see our coverage of October Webcast Metrics ratings here.

The average online audiences of the top streaming broadcasters (Clear Channel, Cumulus, CBS, and Cox) all dipped month-to-month -- as much as 13% for Cumulus. Other commercial broadcasters like ESPN Radio, Entercom, Greater Media, Univision, Townsquare, Salem, and Hubbard also saw listening slip.

The lack of election news for most of the month, plus the Thanksgiving and Veterans Day holidays, likely contributed to smaller average audiences for November (traditionally a tough month).

Yet, non-comms EMF and WNYC, while still smaller players in the Top 20, continued their recent growth trends in November, adding 19% and 20% to their October Average Active Sessions (AAS). The NPR Member Stations group is now ranked #7, with a 23% higher AAS than October -- though it's likely the group is still adding stations to the measurement panel.

Pandora, far and away the largest webcaster, was up just 3% over October, but continued to pad its 2012 growth to 39% (its average audience now tops 1.4 million; it was just over a million in January).

Also contributing to pureplay webcasters' overall growth was the appearance of a new webcaster in the Top 20, Idobi Radio Corp. Idobi is a modern rock webcaster based in Washington, D.C. See Triton's full Webcast Metrics ratings report for November 2012 here.


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Good to see that the number

Good to see that the number of audiences for online streaming services had been increased when comparing to last few years.
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Pandora Corporate leads in the list followed by Clear Channel radio service. Hope this trend continue in the coming years.

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