Microsoft unveils its Surface as tablet ownership nears one-third of U.S. Internet users

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Jun 19 2012 - 11:30am

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SurfaceResearch from the Online Publishers Association shows 75 million U.S. Internet users -- 31% -- now own a tablet device. That's up from 12% last year, and is expected to hit 47% (117 million in the U.S.) in 2013.

This news comes as Microsoft yesterday unveiled the Surface, a Windows 8 PC tablet with a cover that flips down to become a full keyboard. Initial 32- and 64-gigabyte "Windows RT" OS versions should be available in fall. The full Windows 8 version will be available three months later in 64- and 128-GB versions. Microsoft says they'll likely be priced "in the same zone as ultrabooks, which typically run around $1,000," reports CNN. reports that the Online Publishers study has consumers evenly split between Android and iOS tablets (just a year ago the tablet sector was dominated by Apple's iPad). Adoption of the BlackBerry Playbook, meanwhile, drops year-over-year. Watching Internet video continues to be the most popular tablet activity.

Read more on the tablet study in DigitalTrends here. Read more on the Microsoft Surface from CNN here.


It is one way for the table

It is one way for the table own whatever surfaces they have on the internet users. - Kelley D. Hamilton Bonaventure

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