The Media Audit report shows public radio websites power stations' metro reach

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Jul 12 2013 - 7:00am

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Adding the unique visitors of public radio KQED-FM's website over the past 30 days to the station's listening audience over the past seven days, says The Media Audit, "results in a 28.6% total unduplicated reach for the combined radio and website audiences -- the highest of any public radio station measured."

The figures come from The Media Audit's latest National Radio Format Report.

KOBP-FM has the second highest unduplicated radio/web reach, 27.4% of the Portland, OR metro. Its website alone, says The Media Audit, reaches nearly 22% of the Portland metro population monthly. This makes it tops among public radio websites. KQED's site reaches 18.5% of San Jose's metro population every month, and nearly 19% of San Francisco's.

With 19.9% of the Salt Lake City metro area's population having visited its site in the past 30 days is KBYU-FM. Adding the station's past 7-day listening audience gives KBYU a nearly 24% total unduplicated reach for the combined radio and website audiences.

See more from The Media Audit here.


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CBS says the station's

CBS says the station's programming includes music "influenced by the show's characters.

Historically, most webcasters

Historically, most webcasters in the panel show little movement in the weeks before the "summer doldrums" of decreased webcast listening begin.

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