Marketers says they're eyeing digital more, print and radio less, in 2013

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Feb 20 2013 - 8:20am

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Ad buyers say they're going to be looking to digital media -- especially mobile and social -- at the expense of traditional media like print (and radio) in 2013. This however does not mean, eMarketer reports, that we'll see a huge migration of dollars away from traditional and towards digital this year.

The vast majority (82%) of U.S. marketers in a new study say they expect to "increase their focus" on mobile media, and only slightly less (76%) on social media (broken out separately from "social networking sites").

Those media that will lose marketers' focus the most: newspapers (32% said they expect to focus less), consumer magazines (28%), and radio (24%).

However, "while marketers expressed a clear understanding of the importance of digital media... they also expressed trepidation about the speed at which marketing can now change. Just over half of respondents, 54%, felt that their marketing team was unable to handle new technologies and trends."

Inavero conducted the poll of U.S. marketing professionals from October through November 2012 for staffing firm Aquent and the American Marketing Association (AMA). Read eMarketers coverage here. H/T to the jacAPPS blog.



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