Local media personalities to host Boston Herald Radio, which leverages paper's journalism resources

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Jul 29 2013 - 1:10pm

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One week from today the Boston Herald will launch its own live (weekdaily 6a-6p) news and talk online radio station.

Boston Herald Radio will focus on news, talk, and sports for the Boston area, leveraging the journalism and technology of the major daily newspaper. Former Boston-area radio and television personalities like Jeff Katz, Jon Meterparel, Jen Royle, and Michael Graham will host daily shows. Herald reporters and editors will provide news throughout the day. Other elements from the newspaper (reviews, political and business reports, style and food segments, and pro, college, and high school sports) will be featured as well, reports Talkers Magazine.

[Pictured is Herald Editor-in-Chief Joe Sciacca (left) and Herald COO Jeff Magram in the new Boston Herald Radio studio.]

Rival paper The Boston Globe owns the online alternative rock music-centric RadioBDC, operated by former WFNX staffers (RAIN coverage here). (WFNX.com was an online-only station operated by the Phoenix Media/Communications Group in conjunction with alternative media newspaper the Boston Phoenix (see RAIN here). The paper and the station both shut down in March.)

Boston Herald Radio will use Backbone Radio technology, including its "Talk Radio" multi-line Internet-based phone system. The system allows for multi-caller and screening capability anywhere an Internet connection is available (meaning, outside the studio).

Talkers Magazine quotes Boston Herald publisher and president Patrick J. Purcell: "Internet radio is exploding and it makes sense that the Herald rounds out our multimedia platform with talk radio programming. It's perfect synergy."

Boston Herald Radio will be available on the newspaper's website, TuneIn Radio (site and apps), and via dedicated mobile apps.

See Talkers Magazine's coverage here. Read more from the Herald itself here.


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