Krasiniski leaves Arbitron; LDR adds N/T vet Hobbs; Pandora names Shapiro for political ads

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Apr 17 2012 - 11:00am

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Arbitron SVP/Digital Media & Analytics Paul Krasinski has announced his exit from the company, and he's reportedly "headed for a social media company." In January 2011, Krasinski (right), then COO at Ando Media, joined Arbitron to lead the company's digital development. Arbitron is planning a return to online radio metrics with the launch of its "Total Audience Measurement" system.

Meanwhile, Listener Driven Radio has named Gabe Hobbs Strategic Advisor. Hobbs has more than 20 years experience in news, talk, and sports programming (1998-2008 he ran Clear Channel’s 275 news, talk, and sports stations). Listener Driven Radio recently launched its "Topic Pulse" service, which scans all available news sources, local blogs, Facebook posts, Tweets, and other social media so producers and talent can monitor topics and stories "getting buzz" in a market.

Finally, Pandora has named Rena Shapiro as Director of Political Advertising Sales. Shapiro (left), who was director/political and issue advocacy accounts at AOL, also helped create Google's political ad business. Last fall Pandora unveiled a new targeted ad product for political candidates and special interest groups, which targets listeners based on ZIP Code.


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