Katz's Garber challenges Pandora CEO Kennedy's claims of Pandora's effect on AM/FM TSL

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May 1 2012 - 1:10pm

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Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy, at last week's Worldwide Radio Summit in Los Angeles, reportedly commented that growth in listening to his service has been coming at the expense of AM/FM radio. Challenged on the source for this assertion by Katz Radio Group EVP/Radio Analysis and Insights Mary Beth Garber (who's been a vocal critic of many of Pandora's claims), Kennedy immediately responded.

Garber remarked in AllAccess (who organized the event), "In 2012, there have been six studies (NPD, two by Mark Kassof, iHeartRadio, Edison and Arbitron's 'Infinite Dial 2012' and the 'Jacobs TechSurvey8'...) that indicate that digital listening is largely in addition to radio listening, not instead of AM/FM radio listening...

"So, what exactly are the sources that support your contentions and that provided you with the statistics you cited?"

Also in AllAccess, Kennedy points to two charts from Radio Today which, despite the research mentioned by Garber, indicate a 5% drop in Time Spent Listening per week to AM/FM from 2010 (chart here) to 2011 (here).

Read coverage from AllAccess here.


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